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Servers, Stewards and Readers

The Cathedral Servers are a group of over thirty people, all volunteers, young and old, who serve in the sanctuaries of the Cathedral and the Crypt at weekend masses and special services. Many of the young servers are members of the Cathedral Parish or pupils at St Nicholas’ Primary School. Young servers are trained in the Crypt before starting to serve in the Cathedral. After 12 months of serving they receive their Guild of St Stephen bronze medals.
If you are interested in becoming a server, please contact Claire Hanlon at

The Guild of Stewards are the group of women and men who represent the face of the Cathedral to those coming to worship at the Cathedral. They greet visitors, furnishing them with service sheets, help them to be seated, particularly those who need extra assistance and generally control movement within the Cathedral. The Stewards can be recognised by their red gowns.
We are currently looking to recruit stewards for all services. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Claire Hanlon at

Our Readers play a huge role in services. They come from all walks of life, representing the diversity of our parish.
We are currently looking to recruit readers for all services. If you can spare some time for this please contact Claire Hanlon at