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The Dean’s Weekly Message – Sunday 17 June 2018 Posted on Sunday 17 June 2018

Walsingham Dowry Tour
Congratulations to all our children who make their first Holy Communion in the Crypt Chapel and the Cathedral this weekend. I hope that they all have a special celebratory weekend and that they will grow to love and ever deepen their devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Ten years ago Liverpool Hope University organised a week long conference for young adults from universities across the world as part of Liverpool’s year of culture in 2008. The gathering was entitled ‘The Big Hope’ and attracted about a thousand young people who listened to renowned speakers and discussed key issues facing the world from a faith perspective. They decided to repeat this conference again this year which has been entitled ‘The Big Hope 2’ and almost a similar number of young adults were welcomed to Liverpool at an opening ceremony in Liverpool Cathedral last week. The closing ceremony for this will be at our Cathedral this Tuesday afternoon at 2pm to mark the end of what will hopefully have been a memorable week for all who took part.

The Walsingham Dowry Tour will arrive in Liverpool next Thursday evening until Saturday afternoon. The timetable is as follows;

Opening 5pm Angelus
7pm Rosary (led by Dowry Team)
7.30pm Mass
8.30pm Talk (Gibberd Room) Topic – The Dowry The message of the Dowry and the meaning of Walsingham)
Cathedral closes at 10pm

7.45am Morning Prayer
8am Mass of Our Lady
8.30am Exhibition opens
9am-12noon Schools
12.15pm Cathedral Mass
1pm-3.30pm Schools
5.45pm Vespers of Our Lady (led by Cathedral) 7pm Mass with Archbishop
Adoration in Cathedral – Talk in Gibberd Room, the Dowry Repeated from Thursday evening Cathedral closes 10pm

8.15am Rosary
8.45am Morning Prayer 9am Mass of Our Lady Exhibition open till 12noon 12noon Concluding Mass

Over the years’ I have been at the Cathedral we have been visited by nearly all the televised programmes on antiques and I have slowly notched up appearances on most of them, some being more enjoyable than others. One of the few that I haven’t been on is the one that I occasionally watch –The Antiques Roadtrip – so I was pleased to hear that they wish to come and do some filming here this week. In the programme antiques experts set off around the country searching for treasures to bring to auction competing between against another to make the most money. In this episode one of them wants to visit the Cathedral en route – quite what they want to film we won’t know until they arrive on the day.

The Junior Choirs from both Cathedrals will be giving a joint concert of music from 7pm next Wednesday in our Cathedral.

Canon Anthony O’Brien
Cathedral Dean