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The Dean’s Weekly Message – 24 June 2018 Posted on Saturday 23 June 2018

St John the Baptist
The instructions for the missal state that it is only Solemnities of the Lord that take precedence over the celebration of the Sundays of the year. As with any liturgical norm there always seem to be exceptions to the rule and one exception is the Solemnity of the Birth of St John the Baptist (24th June) which this year is celebrated this Sunday instead of the normal Sunday Readings and prayers. We honour his birth for even in the womb he recognised the coming of the Lamb of God – his birth signalled the dawn of redemption.

The visit of the Dowry Tour of Our Lady of Walsingham attracted a steady flow of visitors across the three days that they were here and the organisers seemed very pleased with the level of support that they received. We were the first Cathedral chosen for the pilgrimage tour and there are some lessons that the Shrine at Walsingham have gleaned from the visit not least that the communication to the parishes could be more effective and give more details of the schedule of Masses and devotions – mind you our Diocesan and Cathedral experience is that it doesn’t matter how effective the communication is to some of our parishes it will still end up in a bin or on a desk rather than a notice board or newsletter.

This Sunday there is a taster day for potential girl choristers when they become ‘choristers for a day’ with the auditions for entry to the choir taking place over the next week. There is also a ‘Ladies Day’ in the Gibberd Room with lunch and entertainment organised by the Cathedral Friends. I’m sure the husbands will be delighted as they will be able to watch the England game undisturbed.

On Monday there will be a funeral Mass at 10am for Myles Dempsey. He was the founder of the ‘Prince of Peace Community’, a catholic charismatic community and was responsible for arranging and leading the New Dawn annual conference.

The Crypt will be in constant use this week with events taking place in various halls every day.

Please note that Friday, 29th June is a Holyday of Obligation – the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Next Sunday Monsignor Stephen Alker will preside at the Solemn Mass – he will be celebrating his Ruby Jubilee of ordination that day.

Part of the Parallel Programme for the Eucharistic Congress is the ‘Adoremus Youth Congress’ which will be taking place on Saturday 8th September alongside the main Arena Event at the ACC Auditorium. Any young people wishing to go to this need to book in advance – in fact as soon as possible to guarantee a ticket.

The Adoremus Youth Congress is an event for young people including worship, resource stands and a chance to meet delegates from across the country. With the inspirational speaker Katie Prejean McGrady, testimonies from young people, drama, music and activities in three streams for those aged 13-15, 16-17, and 18-20 at ACC auditorium. £10 advanced booking required. To book from 1.30am til 5.30pm on 8th September.

Canon Anthony O’Brien
Cathedral Dean