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The Cathedral Music Trust

The Cathedral Music Trust is a voice for cathedral music, upholding this integral part of the nation’s cultural heritage by campaigning on behalf of cathedral music and musicians, supporting cathedral choirs and choristers in need, and encouraging the pursuit of excellence in choral and organ music. 
In 2021 and 2022, the Trust disbursed nearly £1 million in grants to Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedral, church and collegiate chapel choirs in the UK and Republic of Ireland. With Harry Christophers CBE, founder and conductor of The Sixteen, as President, and Alexander Armstrong, television presenter and former chorister, as Ambassador, Cathedral Music Trust seeks innovative and sector-leading ways to support high-quality musicianship in cathedrals.
The Cathedral Music Trust is delighted to have been able to support cathedral music at the Metropolitan Cathedral with grants to the value of over £38,000 since 1982.
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