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Father Dominic Joins Cathedral Clergy Posted on Tuesday 30 August 2016

Father Dominic Risley will join the Cathedral Clergy this September.  Fr Dominic was ordained at St Edward’s Parish in Wigan on Saturday 9 July and this will be his first appointment.  

Fr Dominic is ready to embrace the challenges that he will face in his new role and said, ‘I am very excited because I am finally able to do what I have been training for all these years.  I feel like I will be doing proper work now. I can go out and finally try and put the theory into practice. Being with the people is what I am looking forward to because I will be able to be with them in their good times and their bad times, and I will be able to bring God to them in the sacraments.’

We warmly welcome Fr Dominic and assure him of our prayers as he starts his ministry here at the Cathedral.