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The Dean’s Weekly Message – Sunday 8th September 2019 Posted on Sunday 8 September 2019

*The message below is an excerpt from the weekly Cathedral Record newsletter. The full Cathedral Record is available to pick up from the Cathedral or can be downloaded here.*

Welcome Back
Following a few weeks rest for the summer holidays the Cathedral Record returns with all the latest news, comment and the occasional bit of useless information.

The news that Pope Francis had announced the appointment of thirteen new Cardinals would not normally cause much of a stir in inner city Liverpool but by lunchtime last Sunday the clergy were informed that one of our neighbours at St Vincent’s parish, Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, was one of those included in the list of thirteen and he will receive the red hat from Pope Francis in a ceremony in Rome in October. This was in recognition of his many years work in different Arab countries fostering relations between Christians and Muslims and eventually as Secretary and then President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue at the Vatican. Archbishop Michael retired from his last Vatican appointment in 2012 and is now actively retired and serving as one of the clergy at St Vincent’s. We offer him our warmest congratulations on receiving this honour from Pope Francis in recognition for his many years of service and the parish of St Vincent’s can now boast of having a Cardinal as one of their parish clergy which puts them on a par with Westminster Cathedral! There are now two Cardinals in this country one who comes from Liverpool, and the other who is serving in a parish in Liverpool.

The episode for the programme ‘Salvage Hunters’ which was filmed here at our Cathedral some years ago must have been repeated on various freeview channels numerous times as I am well used to people saying to me that I was seen on the programme which had been repeated again.

What did come as a surprise during the holidays was that apparently someone saw it on Spanish TV and the voices on the episode were overdubbed with Spanish voices. Apparently I was given a very deep Spanish voice whilst the other voices were quite high pitched. Those who saw it said that they fell about laughing. They may well laugh but I can put on my CV ‘has also been overdubbed on international TV programmes!’. I did wonder afterwards whether I should be due a few euros for appearance money.

Next Sunday 15th September, we celebrate our Annual Community Mass at 11am. With the start of the new September term not only do we welcome back those who have been on vacation, but also new students starting at the Universities, new families particularly those preparing for Sacraments, or parents of new choir children or servers, and any other families or individuals who are new to the Cathedral. We all have a role to play in making new families and individuals welcome at all our weekend Masses. It is also Home Mission Sunday which calls us to reflect on how we welcome the stranger and live and proclaim the love and message of Christ as a parish. There will be a second collection next week.

We also welcome the community of students who have moved into the former convent building next to Cathedral House. They will be living as a young lay community sharing meals and prayer in common based on the rule of St Benedict. We have tried to make the convent house as comfortable as possible so I hope they will feel at home and welcome in the Cathedral Parish.

Canon Anthony O’Brien
Cathedral Dean