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The Dean’s Weekly Message – Sunday 20th October 2019 Posted on Sunday 20 October 2019

Synod Update – The First Synod Theme
Our first meeting to come together and explore the first Synod Theme will be on Saturday 26 October directly after the 9.00am Mass.

Everyone is welcome.

At the meeting we will hear a little of what was said to inspire this Theme, reflect on Scripture and Tradition as we try to understand God’s dream for his Church, and generate proposals for action to put forward to the Synod.

This first part of our reflections on the day will look at what was said during the Synod Listening. Some of the things that led to this Theme are:

  • Gifts of lay people should be appropriately used.
  • Young people need to know that they are valued members of our community.
  • We value our priests and are worried about what life will be like for them in the future.
  • The role of women in the Church should be celebrated and developed.
  • We want to be a more inclusive Church welcoming of diversity and the gift of every person.

So, In the light of what people said you will be invited to reflect on the following questions and they are listed below to give you chance to give them some consideration before the meeting:-

  • What different models of leadership in parishes could we explore?
  • How should we encourage and equip people to use their different gifts in mission and ministry?
  • How do we enable people of all ages, especially young people, to grow, flourish and contribute as part of our communities?
  • What needs to change about the way priests are recruited, trained, appointed and supported?
  • What structures need to be put in place to ensure effective collaboration and decision making between ordained and lay people?

Having reflected on the situation, how our faith informs us and what needs to be done in order to become the Church God is calling us to be, write your proposals for action and either hand it in to one of the Cathedral clergy, or at Cathedral House. Alternatively, you can take it along to the meeting on 26 October, or submit it online at

I thank you for the wonder of my being,
And for all the goodness in my life.
I thank you that you have called and gifted me That I might make a difference in the world
In which you have placed me.
Open my heart more fully to your Spirit
That I may rejoice in all that you have done And will do in me and through me.