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The Dean’s Weekly Message – 16th October 2022 Posted on Friday 14 October 2022

St Edward
Students from the lower three years of St Edward’s College and staff join us at 11.00am Mass on Sunday, which is the nearest day to their Patron Saint Feast Day to honour St Edward the Confessor. They pray for their school community and ask the Lord’s blessing on its life and activities.

As a youngster for 9 years when I lived and studied at Upholland College I regularly walked past the beautiful wooden statue of St Edward which is now located in St Edward’s College on the corridor by the main entrance. It is a link back to the very earliest years of St Edward’s College when it was located on St Domingo Road, Everton, a time when a significant portion of the students were training for the priesthood. As a young student regularly walking past the statue it didn’t strike me as having much relevance to our lives today but it was pointed out to us that St Edward stood for a few significant important values. That authority wasn’t about power but service – he used what influence and gifts he had for the good of others and to bring and hold the country together despite the challenges of his time. He also reminds us all that however important or privileged or lowly, we all matter and we should acknowledge that all the life we have ultimately comes from God and we are answerable to him. That when we are in need we should turn to God and seek his help – he spent some time every day at prayer and was often in need of spiritual guidance. Finally, that thanksgiving and thankfulness must be a part of our lives and for St Edward this resulted in the building of Westminster Abbey where his remains are buried.

This week the Crypt Halls will be a hive of activity on Monday and Tuesday with the Annual Careers Fair for University Students. It is always a hectic time with thousands of students coming and going. On Tuesday the 12.15pm Mass will be celebrated in the Lady Chapel to avoid the disturbances within the Crypt.

Next Sunday is World Mission Sunday. It provides an opportunity for us to pray for and support missionaries who work alongside some of the most vulnerable communities throughout the world. We don’t have a separate Mission Appeal in the Cathedral during the year so we will have a retiring collection next Sunday to support this work. Any contributions will support faith and Outreach Programmes for families in need of care and support Catholic Missionaries

During the month of November we remember departed loved ones, former parishioners and departed benefactors and all the Holy Souls in our prayers and in the celebration of Masses. If you want to include those you wish to have remembered throughout the month please write your intentions and place in an envelope marked Holy Souls and pass them in after mass or to Cathedral House over the next few weeks.

Canon Anthony O’Brien   Cathedral Dean