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The Dean’s Weekly Message – 30th October 2022 Posted on Saturday 29 October 2022

Cathedral News


As we start to implement our new pastoral Plan which sets out concrete actions to change our ways of working so that our Church become more inclusive, more welcoming and more engaged with those on the margins, the ministry of deacons will continue to evolve alongside the presbyterial ministry in the service of the priesthood of all the baptised.

If you would like to hear some of their stories and you feel this may be your calling too, please join Archbishop Malcolm and the diaconate team at our meetings for men who may be wondering if they are called to serve as deacons and what the formation involves.  Wives and supporting priests or deacons are also welcome.

Meeting is:
Tuesday 29 November 2002 at 7.30pm – 9.00pm (refreshments from 7pm) at Christ the King Church, Queens Drive, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 6YQ

For more information, please email


Psalm 23(24):1-6
The psalm proclaims the greatness of our Creator God. That gives us the confidence to live as his people here on earth and to hope to join the saints in kingdom of heaven. The people see their pilgrimage to the earthly Temple as a mirror for their journey to see God face to face.

Such are the people who seek your face, O Lord.
The Lord’s is the earth and its fullness,  the world and all its peoples. It is he who set it on the seas;  on the waters he made it firm.

All the world is holy since it is created by God. Give thanks for all creation, his people, the land, the sea.  Rejoicing in the feast of all holy people, pray to live out your vocation to baptismal holiness.
Who shall climb the mountain of the Lord? Who shall stand in his holy place? The man with clean hands and pure heart,  who desires not worthless things.

It is good to just wonder at God’s amazing love, offering human beings the possibility of heaven.  Do we live with clean hands, pure heart, longing for only things that are worthy?
He shall receive blessings from the Lord and reward from the God who saves him. Such are the men who seek him, seek the face of the God of Jacob.  Thank God for the blessings you enjoy on earth, how God saves us from all that is evil.  Be conscious of participating in the communion of saints, in heaven and here on earth.