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The Dean’s Weekly Message – 30th January 2022 Posted on Saturday 29 January 2022

Love Does Not Come To An End

 As the placement for Peter Ross, our Seminarian comes to an end Peter writes,
‘These words from our second reading have been on my mind recently. Saint Paul’s direct truth, in what is arguably his most famous contribution to the scriptures, his discourse on love, stands as a lesson for you and me. A reminder that, no matter what, or where, the power of God binds us together as one body. Nevertheless, the ‘what’ and the ‘where’ are important and since September my ‘what’ and ‘where’ have consisted in a placement, lived out, in and around this Cathedral. At the outset, I had no doubt that I would meet good people here, people who cared for God and neighbour. But as always, the reality proves to be far more vivid than the daydream. 

For me, the exceptional characteristic of this place is the level of self-generosity. People here are generous with their time to a great extent. From our guides to our servers, generosity is abounding. This way of living is attractive. It can be said that the spending of self, in aid of others, does much more to spread the good news than any lecture or sermon. Indeed, the living witness of this place consists, not solely in due pomp and solemnity, but also in you and me, the people that make up the community of Christ the King. As Pope Saint John Paul II said to young people here in 1982; “You are a living Cathedral of Liverpool”. How true these words prove to be for us all. Together as a parish community, we are alive in Christ as one body. So, our generosity, is a participation in Christ’s saving generosity. This is a message that wins people over! Perhaps this is what is really meant when we talk about evangelisation.  How wonderful it is that we play a part in this mission.

So, although it’s only been a few months, I have to say that I feel like a member of this community and for that fact alone I am deeply fortunate. Fortunate to have been in this wonderful place, fortunate to have been at home in Liverpool, but above all, fortunate to be united with you! Indeed, as Saint Paul said; “Love does not come to an end”, so all of this does not cease after this weekend!’