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The Dean’s Weekly Message – 27th September 2020 Posted on Sunday 27 September 2020

Fratelli Tutti
Pope Francis has written a new encyclical which is due out next week, on 3rd October. It is entitled ‘Fratelli Tutti’, which sounds more like a title for a new brand of ice cream rather than a papal document. However, the title is a direct quotation from St Francis of Assisi which translates as Fraternity and Social Friendship. It is a reflection on something that Pope Francis cares deeply about, a concern for one another for other human beings regardless of any difference or affiliation. The title, though it uses the word fraternity is inclusive of everyone. We live in a time marked by war, poverty, migration, climate change and pandemic. Recognising a brother or sister in everyone we meet and for Christians, recognising the face of Jesus in those who suffer – these responses reaffirm the irreducible dignity of every human person created in the image of God. They also remind us that no one can ever emerge from the present hardships alone, one against another, the global north against the global south, the rich against the poor or any other excluding differentiation. One of the central themes of the encyclical reflects on our common belonging and responsibility. It is a reflection on our hopes for the future and encourage the church and people of good will to take responsibility for making those hopes a reality by working together. Pope Francis will sign the document in Assisi to show the link with St Francis on October on 3rd October.

If you want a change from watching mainstream TV and Netflix I can highly recommend a You Tube documentary on the life of a religious sister, Sister Clare Crockett. It is entitled ‘All or Nothing Sister Clare Crockett’. Sister Clare, originally from Northern Ireland, served as a religious working with young people and parishes in Spain, USA and finally in Ecuador where her life was tragically ended as victim of a major earthquake in 2016 at the age of 34. Her life story is truly inspiring, a story of a joyful conversion, generous service and full of life and happiness in her vocation. Worth a watch.

The government has introduced a new NHS COVID-19 mobile app to help with Test and Trace, which allows you to register your details through scanning an NHS QR code.

The new NHS COVID-19 mobile app is available to download now. The cathedral’s QR code is displayed on notices in the main entrance for you to use each time you visit us.

These details are securely held for 21 days and then deleted – full details about the app are available at:

You may however continue to use the paper based system to register your details, a slip is available in the cathedral on the welcome desk or you can download and print (PDF). It will be kept securely for 21 days and then destroyed. Registering details is not compulsory for places of worship but everyone is encouraged to register their details in order to help society beat this life-threatening virus.

Canon Anthony O’Brien
Cathedral Dean