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The Dean’s Weekly Message – 24 February 2019 Posted on Sunday 24 February 2019

Vatican Abuse Crisis Meeting
This Sunday we welcome the Choir of St Aloysius College, Scotland who will be singing at Solemn Mass and Evening Prayer whilst our own choirs are on half term. There will also be other choirs rehearsing here during the coming week who will be taking part in The Annual University College Choirs gathering in Liverpool. This has been organised by Liverpool Hope University and there will be a final grand concert next Saturday evening at 7.30pm in the Cathedral.

Next Sunday we welcome dignitaries and all who hold public office within Merseyside and local regions for the Annual Civic Mass at 11.00am. If you have a uniform or official chain this is the opportunity to dust it down and bring it out of the wardrobe.

Cardinal Nichols has asked for the support of our prayers as he is attending a very important meeting taking place over a few days in Rome in relation to safeguarding within the Catholic Church worldwide. We have printed a copy of his letter for your information and support.

‘Dear Father,
Tomorrow, Wednesday, I travel to Rome to take part in the meeting called by Pope Francis to address the protection of minors within the Catholic Church worldwide in the light of the abuse suffered by them within the communities of the Church. I write to ask for your prayers and those of your people, for the positive outcome of this meeting and for all survivors of such abuse who will find these days particularly difficult as so much public attention is given to this reality.

The broad themes of the meeting are those of responsibility – knowing what is to be done; accountability – the ways in which we are responsible to each other; and transparency – the determination that there are no hiding places in these matters.

These are the virtues, the qualities of our life together, that need to be renewed and strengthened.

An excellent website provides detailed information about this event:

On Saturday evening there will be a Penitential Liturgy. I ask that at Mass on Saturday evening, you add a prayer or a comment uniting your parish to Pope Francis and all taking part in that liturgy so that together we ask the Lord’s pardon for our failings.

On Sunday morning, at 8.30 UK time, we will gather in Rome for the celebration of Holy Mass, seeking the Lord’s blessings on the work accomplished and for the challenges ahead. Finally, at a very personal level, please do keep me in your own prayers. These will be difficult and painful days and I need your prayers.

With my best wishes and prayers, Yours devotedly,
Cardinal Vincent Nichols Archbishop of Westminster’