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The Dean’s Weekly Message – 19th July 2020 Posted on Sunday 19 July 2020

Mass Starts Again
We took our first tentative steps back to having public Mass in the Cathedral last week. Thankfully everything seemed to run very smoothly and we all followed the protocols in a very orderly fashion, even the priests! In more normal times I struggle to recognise people in the congregation when saying Mass at the High Altar due to slightly impaired eyesight. Now that everyone is wearing face coverings I couldn’t make out any faces at all it looked like an assembly of surgeons masked up for an operation. However, it does seem that face coverings are going to be necessary for some considerable time so it is a case of us all getting used to wearing them. No doubt they will develop into a fashion statement as more have to wear them. The regulations that we have to follow does mean that it is difficult for us to have the normal participation of ministries in the celebration of Mass and for us all to have any meaningful social interaction. But we must be thankful for the opportunity of once again being able to share Mass together and if we begin carefully and cautiously we can slowly build on this as the protocols are further relaxed.

During this coming week Mr John Power is to be ordained a deacon by Archbishop Malcolm at St Oswald’s Church, Old Swan. John used to act as sacristan for the Saturday evening Vigil Mass for a number of years until recently but eventually had to stand down from this due to commitments in his home parish and the ongoing demands of training for the Diaconate. John will be remembered by many of you and he would be grateful of your prayers as he begins his ministry as a deacon.

Canon O’Brien
Cathedral Dean