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The Dean’s Weekly Message – 15th August 2021 Posted on Saturday 14 August 2021

Feast of the Assumption

This weekend we celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The aspiration, the love, the intention and the journey of Mary’s life all lead to the conclusion that she now shares a blessed immortality with her son Jesus.

In honouring Mary, the first to share the fullness of the redemption that her Son promised to those who ‘remain in his love’, we are offered the assurance that this same promise is offered to us. Mary accepted God’s call in both body and spirit and so too our discipleship is both a physical and spiritual journey walking in the footsteps of Christ.

As we celebrate the Assumption today we are looking forward to the time when we can return to a fuller schedule of services in September and of welcoming back more of our regular Cathedral community to worship in person. It will be a joy to celebrate regular Masses once again within our various Cathedral Chapels with us all gathered as regular communities once again. As much as we intend to continue live streaming the Solemn Mass for those who are housebound, for those in good health we can only fully partake in the celebration of Mass if we are fully present.

During the next month or so there will be a few changes being made to the entrance or narthex area of the Cathedral. The ceilings, especially above the lift and entrance doors are in need of redecoration and this is due to start next week to be ready by the beginning of September.

Thankfully the decorators will be able to use a cherry picker rather than having to resort to costly and cumbersome scaffolding. The colours chosen will be a marked change from what is currently there. Following the advice and encouragement of architectural personnel and the Historic Churches authority the scheme is a return to the original intended colours from the time that the Cathedral opened. The strong shades of maroon will be replaced by grey. The original design intention was to draw people into the light of the main Cathedral space. Once this is complete there will be a welcome desk located in this area to provide a greeting to general visitors and this will be where general information will be available, audio and guided tours can be arranged and tickets for Crypt visits can be purchased. We will return to using the Blessed Sacrament and Crypt Chapels for daily mass from 4/5th September.

Canon Anthony O’Brien  Cathedral Dean