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News from Hope+ Food Bank Posted on Friday 7 April 2017

We continue to see a steady, but worrying increase in the number of people in need of our help each week. For the last six weeks or so, we have regularly been providing food for more than three hundred and twenty people a week. This is putting quite a strain on our resources.

What is of concern to us is how many of the new people we are seeing are families with children. This would appear to directly relate to the recently introduced cap on child benefits and tax credits, as most of the families have more than two children. The staggered school holidays this Easter, will mean we will be providing support to cover for the loss of free school meals for four, rather than the usual six weeks.

We will continue to provide all the support we can, and are very grateful for all the help we receive from your donations. However, we will need to find three hundred litres of milk, and the same of packets of pasta and breakfast cereal this week, next week, and into the summer.

Summer is always when we are busiest, but at the moment, we are not able to stockpile our shortage items because we need to use them now.

Please do continue to donate what you are able, and ask your friends, work colleagues, and families to get involved as well. Thank you for all your donations.