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Latest News from Hope+ Food Bank Posted on Thursday 13 October 2016

We have received a new bulletin from our partners at Hope+ Food Bank.
Hope+ provide meals to hundreds of individuals in and around Liverpool every week. Please have a read and support their great work in any way that you can:

“Phew! Usually at this time of year we are winding down in terms of numbers, but at the moment that isn’t happening. In the week ending 7th October we again saw 340+ people in need of help, a warm smile, and the reassurance that someone actually does care about them. The numbers do put considerable strain on our logistics, such as not knowing whether to buy in extra milk; 300 litres this week rather than the usual 240. An extra 60 litres may not sound much, but if we have to add it to our shopping list every week, then that works out at an extra week’s worth of milk every month.

So many people have been incredibly generous that it is hard to know quite where to start with the thank you list. St Anne’s Aigburth, who have been stalwart supporters of Hope+ since we started, but have once again excelled themselves with their latest harvest collection, even getting their local Tesco store involved. St Gabriel’s Huyton had huge fun at their harvest supper, using the church for a barn dance. Schools have also been making contributions, including those attached to churches like St Gabriel’s, and also this week Norman Pannell school in Netherley, who have teamed up with Christ Church, not to mention Liverpool Parish Church and the Quaker Meeting House who between them keep us very busy. All this has kept our van Scipio’s wheels turning, which can be hard work for our volunteers, but they never complain if there are donations to be collected.

Finally, a very big thank you to our partner charity FareShare who have not only provided us with another collection slot via Food Cloud, but continue to keep us supplied with surplus produce, such as the two hundred boxes of grapes they sent us a couple of weeks ago, or the twenty trays of grapefruits we had last week. Whatever they send, it is always a wonderful surprise each week. Thank you one and all. For further news and information of how you can get involved please pick up a copy of our Harvestide Newsletter which are at the back of the Cathedral and the Crypt. New shopping list is also on the back of the Hope+ newsletter. Thank you for your generosity.”